SDL Registration


While you may have employees and be required to register for UIF and PAYE, it does not always mean that your entity qualifies to pay the Skills Development Levy.

This is why we separate the SDL registration from the PAYE and UIF. Most employer’s only come to qualify a few months from when they had their first employee.

To register for SDL, Annual Payroll must exceed R500 000

Registration for SDL is done with SARS. The entity is then allocated to a SETA by SARS based on Industry Classification code selected. It is therefore important that you chose your SIC code carefully to ensure you are registered with the right SETA.

If you select a code that registers you with the wrong SETA, transferring to the correct SETA will require an Inter-SETA transfer which could take up to 3 months.

If your annual payroll exceeds R500 00.00, please CLICK HERE to apply.

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