CIPC Walk-in System

CIPC Walk-in System

Harvest Chartered Accountants’ Secretarial division was one of the first companies selected by the CIPC to pilot their new Third Party System. The system allows Harvest clients to register new companies and effect amendments to existing companies the same day.

The CIPC Third Party system allows for quicker processing, new registrations and director/member changes are effected within a matter of hours, all CIPC systems working optimally.

The System has real-time information and is linked to the Home Affairs system which allows for accuracy and requires less paperwork as a fingerprint scanner is used to confirm the Director’s identity.

Important to know before visiting our offices to use the system:

1. All directors must be present for new registrations and amendments to existing companies.
2. The system uses biometrics (fingerprints) and is linked to the Home Affairs system which means only South African nationals will be able to use it.
3. All directors will need to be present in order to be validated on the system.
4. Unique company names are processed much faster than common names or names with acronyms.
5. If your names are rejected, the company is registered without a name however you will be able to resubmit a set of four new proposed names. The name resubmission in this case is at no extra charge.

**Please note these times are guidelines only and are dependent on CIPC response times. Company are usually registered within 3 hrs while amendments are effected on the CIPC system immediately, however it does take 24 hours to return the amended certificate.

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