When someone registers a new company there are many reasons for doing so. People get all the necessary documents in place. Research on the competition is done so that they can get the upper edge. Through all of the hussle and bussle many important milestones are overlooked and missed in the life of a registered entity, until someone comes knocking on the door telling you that you owe them money with additional penalties. read more

You can now register a new company the same day using the CIPC Third Party Pilot System by walking into any one of our branches.

Important to know before visiting our branches to use the system:
1. Unique company names are processed much faster than common names or acronyms for example.
2. The system uses biometrics (fingerprints) and is linked to the Home Affairs system which means only South African nationals will be able to use it. read more

Choosing a name for your business

Choosing a name for your business

In our last post we discussed partnerships and how to identify winning partnerships before incorporating the company. This week we look at how to come up with a great business name. We often get requests from clients to assist them to come up with the four proposed names required when incorporating your company. We have seen some really great and crafty names, however we have also seen some one hit wonders that tend to have a shorter lifespan. read more

Tax Clearance

The words, TAX SUBMISSIONS or TAX RETURNS more often than not, send shivers down the spine of new business owners. Everyone knows that a newly registered entity qualifies for a tax clearance certificate, for its first year of trading, but what happens from month 13 onwards? The company would need to do their tax submission and pay all outstanding amounts as per SARS assessment. Before we start talking tax clearance certificate or being tax compliant we need to distinguish between the different entities that are obliged to submit and pay tax returns. read more

Business Life Cycle

Starting your own business is a stressful exercise and if that is not enough, you will encounter many speed bumps and red tape. Meaning relationships are critical to the success of a new and budding company. You need reliable partners to offer sound advice and relevant resources. At Harvest Chartered Accountants / Harvest Company Secretarial we are not only experts in small business development but we will help you navigate through the South African Small Business Landscape, from Registration of the entity to Audited Financial Statements. read more

How To Starting Your Own Business

How To Starting Your Own Business

Whether its an innovative product or a service that you are academically qualified to offer, you might not necessarily have the time, experience or skills set needed to handle internal support functions such as Bookkeeping, Marketing and IT. Outsourcing these activities may help you reduce initial costs while giving you the time to focus on growing your more

Business Owner

Business Owner

As a business owner there are statutory submissions you would need to make. We have compiled a brief list of submissions and their deadlines together with which entities should be submitting.

To learn more on these submissions or if you need assistance call Harvest Chartered Accountants on 086 11 11 251 or email on Web:

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