Paye & UIF Registration


Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting up your business. Now that you have employee’s you will need to do your part as an Employer to ensure both your company and you employees comply with employment taxes and levies.

We only register PAYE with UIF (both with SARS and Labour) as one process. Here’s why:

Should you only have employees who are below the PAYE threshold, we still encourage that you submit your UIF contributions through SARS. Compliance is a habit and once you get the hang of it, you will never find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Even when your employees go over the PAYE threshold, you wont fall behind with SARS because you are already set to start filing PAYE.
If you have employees, you need to also submit declarations to UIF/Labour. So, while you may register for PAYE and UIF with SARS, you still need a Labour UIF number. This will allow you to submit your declarations detailing who your employees are and how much they contribute. Your employees cannot claim maternity or unemployment benefits if you do not have a Labour number, even if you have been deducting and paying UIF.

So, here’s what this registration entails:
PAYE Registration
Registration of PAYE with SARS. Once registered, monthly EMP201's must be submitted to SARS. Even if there are no employees above the threshold, we recommend you file your UIF returns through SARS to build a culture of compliance and prepare for when your employees start exceeding the PAYE Threshold.
UIF Registration
Registration of your entity with both SARS and The Department of Labour for UIF. A minimum of one employee is required. Once registered, the Employer must declare employees to UIF monthly and pay required amount through SARS (EMP201) or through E-filing if employees are below the PAYE Threshold.

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