CC/PTY Restoration

CC/PTY Restoration

A CC/PTY is usually deregistered for non-compliance to the annual returns filing requirement.

Before completing this form, it is important to know that only entities that were trading at the time of deregistration and entities with immovable or intellectual property that can be restored successfully. If your company was NOT trading, then it unfortunately CANNOT be restored. You are encouraged in this case to register a new company.

For the status of the entity to be restored from "Final Deregistration" to "In Business", we will need to request the reinstatement of the entity first by submitting all the required information. Once restored, the status changes to "In Re-Instatement Process" and this allows us to file the returns that are outstanding. All outstanding returns have to be filed within 30 days of Re-instatement. If not filed within 30 days, the company will be placed back into Deregistration.


Harvest Company Secretarial will provide all templates and will do the deeds search and the placing of a restoration advertisement in your local newspaper as required by the CIPC.

The restoration process takes between 2 and 15 days after submission, depending on the CIPC turnaround times.

Should you need to trade urgently or if your entity cannot be restored because it was not trading and do not wish to start the re-instatement process, you can register a new company as this will be quicker however do note that no proposed name for a new company will be approved if that name is the subject of a deregistration.

APPLY HERE to restore your CC/PTY.

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