Tender Package

Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting up your business. Our package includes all the basics that you need when starting up in order to meet the minimum requirements for trading with government and other corporates.

This package includes:
Tax Clearance Certificate
A tax clearance certificate is an essential requirement for any company planning to tender for work with both government and big corporates.
Free B-BBEE Affidavit
Professionally prepared Affidavit on our template, verified by Commissioner of Oaths.
COIDA/Workman's Compensation Letter of Good Standing
Entity must be registered with the Department of Labour for Workman's Compensation, a minimum of one employee is required to register. Registration included in package.
Share Certificate(s) (max 3 shareholders, additional certificates at R100 p.s)
As the CIPC no longer regulates shares, share certificates are required to indicate ownership and the number of shares issued. Note that you cannot issue a percentage of a share in fraction (e.g. 33.33).

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