CC/PTY Restoration

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Harvest Company secretarial will gather the required documents which include a multiple deeds office search, an ad in the local newspaper where the business is registered informing the public of your intention to restore the company. If the company has immovable property, a Letter from Public Works stating they allow the re-instatement will also be required.

We will only require the following from you:
A signed and completed COR40.5 form Please download CoR40_5
Affidavit - indicating the reason for the deregistration and not filing your annual returns.
Clear ID copies of all the members
Company registration documents
Invoices or bank statements clearly showing that the business was in operation and trading at the time the company was deregistered.

21 day waiting period to allow the public time to come forward after placement of the newspaper ad.
If the entity had immovable property, then a letter from the Department of Public works stating they consent to the restoration is required. This will unfortunately take 6 weeks, which means the restoration process is longer if you have immovable property in the name of the business.
Submission of the application to CIPC once the 21-day period (and 6 weeks concurrently if your business has immovable property) is over, the restoration will take 2-14 working days.
When the status has changed to re-instatement process the outstanding returns can then be filed, this will then take your company back to in business. The annual returns are quoted for after re-instatement as CIPC calculates the amount due based on the company is turnover during each outstanding year.

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