Employers Tax Package

Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting up your business. Our package includes all the basics that you need when starting up in order to be compliant with laws governing companies.

This package includes:
PAYE Registration
Registration of PAYE with SARS. Once registered, monthly EMP201 must be submitted to SARS. Even if there are no employees above the threshold, we recommend you file your UIF returns through SARS to building a culture of compliance and prepare for when your employees start exceeding the PAYE Threshold.
UIF Registration
Registration of your entity with both SARS and The Department of Labour for UIF. Minimum one employee required. Once registered, Employer must declare employees to UIF monthly and pay required amount through SARS (EMP201) or eE-filing if employees are below the PAYE Threshold.
SDL Registration
Registration for SDL with SARS. Entity is allocated to a SETA by SARS based on Industry Classification code selected. To register for SDL, Annual Payroll must exceed R500 000.
COIDA/Workman's Compensation Letter of Good Standing
Entity must be registered with the Department of Labour for Workman's Compensation, a minimum of one employee is required to register. Registration included in package.

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